Sunday, August 05, 2007

ABC Republican Debate

Unfortunately I didn't get to watch very much of the debate. I was only able to watch about the first 30 minutes of it and as of this writing ABC has not posted the whole debate, just small snippets.

Two things that stood out to me. First, Tom Tancredo. Tancredo was not asked a single question until he voiced a protest 20 minutes into the debate. He took on Stephanopoulos and this may well be the reason why he was included. I applaud Tancredo for doing this. The MSM has done their best to ignore the so called "second-tier" candidates in hopes that they will just go away.

Second, one of the candidates referred to himself as not just pro-life but "whole-life." An interesting term and one I bet we will see in the future.

Third, Romney is really trying to cover up his pro-baby-killing stance. However, it really is quite difficult to ignore someones past when they had been so adamant in the past about being "pro-choice." This is a clip of Romney 6 months after his "conversion." Romney has scoffed at an endorsement from a pro-life group, denied them on public TV. On this same video Romney speaks on how he was influenced by his mothers pro-choice stand in 1970 and since then he was "dedicated to protecting a woman's 'right to choose.'" So in essence, he was pro-choice for 35+ years and now as he has been positioning himself for a run for President he becomes pro-life? Highly unlikely.

Okay, so that was three. Perhaps a fourth thing is those YouTube videos. Perhaps those two an d a good deal more are the reason the Romney decided he couldn't make it for the CNN/YouTube debate. It is so easy to use his own words against him. Like this debate with Ted Kennedy where he states "I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country, and I have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970." Watching this video one is forced to wonder just who the democrat is.