Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ames Straw Poll

Ron Paul placed 5th in the straw poll, out of 11 candidates, doing better than McCain and Giuliani. Tancredo placed 4th

More as I hear.

Totals are as follows:
14,302 votes
John Cox: 41
John McCain: 101
Duncan Hunter: 174
Rudy Giuliani: 183
Fred Thompson: 203
Tommy Thompson: 1039
Ron Paul: 1305
Tom Tancredo: 1961
Sam Brownback: 2192
Mike Huckabee: 2587
Mitt Rommney: 4516


Thanks to for the live broadcast! Jeff Razy(sp?) cameraman

Jeff went over to the Romney camp after the debate and did not see many happy faces. In fact, as he was leaving he walked past a Romney staff member talking on his phone and said they weren't happy with the turnout and that they did awful* (* Or horrible, I cannot remember the word used as I write this.) This is, after all, Romney's greatest area. As one of the "top tier" candidates he was expecting to do much greater, especially with both McCain and Giuliani bowing out of this contest.

Also it appears that Romney was intending to bring in 100 buses and reportedly purchased 10,000 tickets. A staff member denied the 10K tickets but then stated that they weren't telling the media how many they purchased. Adding the numbers, those tickets and buses could have come to well over $1million, if this amount was spent, this was indeed a poor turnout for them.

Tommy Thompson to drop out? From a CNN news article:
Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson has said anything less than a top two finish will finish him, and several other candidates could face similar decisions.
Tommy Thompson placed 6th.