Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Presidential Election: 2008

The field is getting crowded already. Much has been made of Hillary and B. Hussein and on the other side, Guliani and McCain. But let me tell you about the man I am supporting.

A member of the House for 16 years, this man served as an Air Force captain as well as becoming a member of the Air National Guard. This candidate is also a Dr. He received his MD from Duke University and became a practicing OB/GYN.

He is the most consistent critic of attempts at giving away our sovereignty. He opposes the North American Union, the SPP, and the NAFTA Superhighway. This candidate consistently supports the Rights of the individual and has opposed the growth of the government's power and the growth government in general. He has been calling out the Republican party for not being fiscally responsible and for the continued debt spending. He is also for securing our borders and coastlines and against any amnesty plan. He is currently ranked at 100% by The Conservative Index.

He introduced a bill that would have removed abortion from the Supreme Court's jurisdiction (well within Congress' power,) effectively overturning Roe v. Wade and returning the issue to the States making him the only pro-life candidate by his actions, not just his words.

This man is Dr. Ron Paul, Republican Representative from Texas. For Ron Paul I would happily vote Republican. I don't say that lightly, nor would I say that lightly about ANY candidate, but Ron Paul has proven himself a staunch supporter of the Constitution (unlike our current President who thinks it is just a goddamn piece of paper) and Rep. Paul has been consistent in his efforts to limit the size, scope and spending of the government. We need a man of his caliber in the office. We need a man who will restore some dignity and sanity to the White House. Rep. Ron Paul is the man to do it.