Friday, February 23, 2007


This past week I got to take my boy out to play. We first stopped in at "Germland" which is the unofficial name of the play area at the mall, but it was so crowded we decided to head up to Focus on the Family and play up there. Definitely a good choice. They have a new toddler room with things to climb on and under and a log to crawl thru. We had a lot of fun there and he was able to play with a couple others in his age range. He did indeed get a bit sick after Germland but his fever is gone after about 36 hours and now has a little bit of a cough. I will make sure to avoid the mall on the weekends or holidays.

I put together a little slideshow of my precious little boy.

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I was trying to do my last inspection yesterday on a private home. There was no one home so I just started getting the info and photos I needed, and went to the backyard. I called for dogs, made some noise to try to get them to come if there were any, none responded so I just went in. I got around the back of the house and two dogs came running for me. One golden retriever (not really a problem there) but the other dog was much larger. I am thinking a mix between golden retriever and St. Bernard. NOT FUN! I managed to back out of the yard and get the gate shut with everything intact except a piece of my paperwork that the big dog bit off.

Then, last night, two girls in the car next to me were flirting with me. TWO! I realized I need to relearn how to flirt darnit. (if indeed I ever knew how)

As I mentioned to Morgan, a basic part of my worldview is that man is basically evil with good tendencies. This is the reason that so often people who believe in the depravity of man (as I do) will disagree with those who believe that mandkind is basically good or believe that all will get to heaven.