Thursday, December 21, 2006


Andrea mentioned the movie Garden State and it got me thinking (again) on the motorcycle featured in that movie. A Ural Patrol. Essentially it is a WWII style motorcycle with sidecar, but it has a huge advantage over other sidecars. Standard on those bikes is engagable 2 wheel drive so the sidecar wheel is powered also.

I have looked at this bike in the past and think it would be loads of fun to take Lil' Bear around in once he gets a little bit older. Dress up in military fatigues and hit the town or head up to the mountains for some fishing or camping.

It's sister the Gear Up comes with a camo paint job already (but no windshield which could be bad for carrying around a tiny tot. I figure if I want a camo paint job I could probably get a better one anyways.