Thursday, December 28, 2006

Average Professor/Teacher Wages/Salary

Education is an important subject and is often talked about or groused about, but the conversation needs a bit more depth. I thought I would share some stats and figures that might give some focus to the discussions.

According to the NEA, the average funding nationwide for a public school is $8,618. The Average teacher salary is $47,808. With these amounts there is ever and always whining about a lack of funding and how the teachers are so poor (that is economically poor, tho a case could certainly be made for the other meaning of the word poor.)

According to Money Magazine the average college professor makes $81,491. Per the average tuition and fees at four-year public colleges average $5,836.

Tell me something. What, besides piss poor management, could possibly explain how a college can charge less yet always have enough books and still be able to pay their staff very well when the public schools are on the verge of complete economic collapse unless the public approves yet another mill-levy tax increase.

For comparison purposes, (Per the SSA) the average American makes $35,648 a year, working 12 months a year whereas public school teachers work only 10 months and make 34% more.