Monday, December 18, 2006

How To Save Money

Okay, not really. Well, it would save you money but I am just messing around and thinking of super cheap ways of insulating your house. Some, in fact most, may constitute a fire hazard so I dont actually recommend it.

Cardboard Boxes
Packing Peanuts
Bubble Wrap
Plastic Grocery Bags

Insulation is all about creating a barrier to heat exchange. This is usually done by creating air pockets that are more or less closed off to other air pockets and therefore slowing the transfer of heat. Well, my ideas would supplement what you already have. Let me state again, I don't recommend doing this, it is simply for amusement purposes only. Note: crumpled newspaper is excessively flammable. Don't use it

Ideas: Use cardboard boxes, cut open to layer your walls. Preferably two or more layers thick. One could also tack up bubble wrap on the ceiling ow walls. You would lose some of the bubbles in the process but the overall sheet would be okay. For the attic you could use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic grocery bags, or crumpled newspaper. Packing peanuts would need to be in bags or boxes.

For under the house you could tack up the opened cardboard boxes to the bottom of the floor beams and then fill above them with the packing peanuts, bubble wrap, grocery bags or newspaper.

This would create a warmer house, and there really isnt a more beautiful decorating material than cardboard boxes and bubble wrap so you would be beautifying your home as well.

This information was provided with only one thing expected in return: That you dont sue me when your home goes up in flames. Enjoy (o=