Saturday, December 16, 2006


Today has been quite the rollercoaster. I woke up after a very vivid dream of my wife and I was rather upset from that. I got up and around and my boy and I went to a Messianic synagogue and immediately my boy was giving a big smile with the music. After worship they bring all the children in and hold a sort of prayer cloth over the children and we got to go up for that. I appreciate the prayers for him greatly and he enjoyed being up there with the other kids and looking at the cloth above us. Service was good, people were genuinely friendly and made us feel very welcome. They even fed us afterwards and it was very good food!

The service was interesting. The history and traditions are still alive and flesh out the faith. And I don't know if I can express how good it is to see that there are men there. Most churches are gathering places for women and are too effeminate for a guy to feel comfortable. That also gives the impression that a relationship with G-d is girly when that isn't the truth.

Anyways, more of the rollercaoster, I spoke with hmmm Beloved doesnt really work anymore tho I still do love her, but ya know of whom I speak. So anyways that never goes well, cuz even if it does it still causes me to hurt afterwards. Tonight after laying down Lil'Bear I watched some Friends episodes (I bought two DVDs with about 5 shows each at Entertainmart for $5.98) and that of course is funny but it brings up issues and memories so it is kinda bittersweet for me. Part of the reason I am not watching any more tonight.