Tuesday, March 21, 2006

That Is What I Have Been Talking About!

Cop shoots and kills handcuffed man, people are asking for clemency/pardon.

Details of the case
2 cops arrive shortly after criminal kills his girlfriend, Cop 1 goes around to the back gets shot and is killed, Cop 2 in front of the house puts three bullets into criminal and then handcuffs him. Cop 2 finds Cop 1 dead then goes and executes wounded and handcuffed criminal. Cop 2 gets one year prison.

Clear case. Use of deadly force was in no way justified at the time of execution. Are we now to excuse him because he was acting for the state? Is "Executioner" part of the job description? Cop 2 knows the law, he has been a cop for 31 years. He knows quite well when use of force is justified and when it is not.

Sgt. Billy Anders stepped over the line from law enforcement to criminal. There can be no clemency for such an offender. Law enforcement is to be held to a higher standard or how else can the populace trust them. Anders faced a 7 year sentence but was given the lightest possible under New Mexico law of 1 year.

The world is a better place without Flippen (the criminal) but we slid right back and perhaps even worse when we allow those who are charged with upholding the law to cross it with no real consequence.