Friday, March 10, 2006

P 86: Subject To Change

Relent, to the terror that distances you
Retreat, to the habitual grins
Regress to the deception, quiet and tame
Once was transformed, now exactly the same

Remember when you nearly plunged into embrace?
But instead you've chosen to keep it all at bay

it's tough to admit and admit and admit that
Your fate's still undecided


From the latest album "...And The Rest Will Follow"

A good deal of their songs do call for us to "return" and, personally, I can't hear that message too much.

I've seen the face of redemption
And He isn't you
I'm through indulging the tastes of
My cruelest nature
So I think this blade better suits you

Since we're the ones
Who occupy this temple
We'll be the ones
Who'll show you out