Wednesday, March 22, 2006


3 years of fighting, dying and all around kicking arse and what have we accomplished? We are bringing democracy to muslim nations. Fat lot of good that is doing anyone.

Has anyone been paying attention? Democracy is NOT a good form of government. It ALWAYS leads to despotism/tyranny. Always. Say it with me now... "Democracy is not my friend."

"Western-style democracy" and "democratic reforms" are condemning an Afghani Christian to death because he converted from Islam. If everyone had been paying attention in class they would have known this was coming. If the world was paying attention now they would know that such things are not long in coming to Iraq.

And then the class would come to the conclusion "Hmmm, America has been transformed into a democracy too, so maybe bad things will happen here as well?" Rather, the class would come to that conclusion were they not all alseep.