Thursday, March 02, 2006

Death and Rembrance of a Slain Cop

An observance. Officer killed midday Feb 22nd. The 6 following days, there are 8 articles on it, 6 of those on the front page the other two at the top of the Metro (News) section. To top it all off we had letters to the editor saying how it was a quasi-orgasmic "life-changing" event just to happen to see the funeral procession pass by. This of course has nothing to do with a different level of value being placed upon a cop's life.

Day 1: Three Front Page articles (Articles One, Two, Three)
Day 2: Front Page article
Day 3: Metro Page 1 article
Day 4: Metro Page 1 article
Day 5 Front Page article
Day 6 Front Page article

March 1st Letter to the editor (fourth down). In her words "I cannot fully describe how emotional, even life-changing, this experience was for me." Her experience? Watching the procession pass by.