Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Abortion Ramblings

Remember this picture? Little Samuel (a letter from his mother at the end of the page) was 21 weeks old when surgery was done to correct his Spina Bifida. Only halfway to birth and gripping the hand of the surgeon. This picture caused a ruckus when it came out as the Pro-Choice crowd wanted it supresses as it might push the undecided masses towards a pro-life stance.

The Pro-Choice (death) camp seems to make a fuss any time something like that comes up. The Laci Petersen Law comes to mind. Also the various attempts by the states to add laws that require information be given to a woman before an abortion or parental consent laws for minors (quick rant: Why is it the law allows a 16 year old girl to get an abortion but not to get her ears pierced? How ridiculous is that?) Anyways, no real point or coherent thoughts. Much too tired at the moment, I just felt that this pic should be posted.

*** Update ***
The Photographer of the Samuel pictures was Michael Clancy. He explains how this pic happened on this page. Mr. Clancy allows this picture to be reprinted for use "If the picture will be used in a respectful manner that does honor to the image" e.g. for counseling those seeking an abortion. Clancy continues by saying "[M]ake however many copies you want to hand out. [A]nd help me tell the story of how Samuel reached out of his mother's womb.