Thursday, June 17, 2004

PK Writes
sometimes a bill would be introduced and the sponsor knew it would be shot down.

This is actually the case for this resolution. The author knew it was more than a longshot to pass, but put it out there so it could be discussed and make some waves. According to the article others may take up the challenge.

A man here in Colorado, Douglas Bruce, does this same thing. For those of you who don't know, Bruce is the man who authored TABOR, or TAxpayers Bill Of Rights which limits the ability of the state gov to raise taxes and spend surpluses. As you can imagine he is a much hated man even tho he is perhaps single-handedly responsible for this state not being in debt like most other states. Bruce puts out his petitions in two years. The first time to get it to, and passed, the 'legal challenge' stage, the sencond to get it passed.

Unfortunately this isnt just a tactic of freedom lovers. We see this happening all the time from most all sectors. A little exposure to Gay marriage now, a lot more later. Or consider the new military draft. Rumors of a re-instated draft started just after 9/11, officially denied of course. The Selective Service Boards across the country were being re-staffed. In 2002 a bill was put forward to requie all males to have basic military training. Jan 03 a bill was put forward by Sen Fritz Hollings D-S.C. to re-instate the draft. April of 04 Sen, Chuck Hagel R-Neb. called for a re-instated draft. and in May of this year we find out the SS is trying to extend the draft to age 34 and women.

Can't just boil a frog, ya gotta keep turning up the heat.