Thursday, June 17, 2004

Berkeley says businesses have no rights

The Berkeley City Council, known for its far-out ideas, has unanimously passed a resolution calling for constitutional amendments to deny constitutional rights to corporations.

As ridiculous as that sounds, they are somewhat correct. A Corporation 'incorporates' under the laws of the land they incoporate in, and are accorded the protections and priveleges provided by that law. The corporation becomes a 'second class citizen' in effect. But that 2nd class citizen has been given the protections Berkeley is fighting over.

What is a bigger worry is, what if they win? Most of our churches are (erroneously) 501(c)3 corporations and only have the protections given under the law. A church by it's very nature has rights under Natural Law (includint tax exemption) and should not be submitting itself to such burdensome regulation. But since it does submit what will become of them?