Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Feeling like I put my foot in my mouth on a previous post.
Because, in fact, I AM (bold, underline, italic) proud to be an American. I am proud (cue patriotic music, superimpose an image of a waving flag) of the unique heritage that we have. I am proud to have ancestors who fought valiantly for freedom even if some of them lost (Choctaw Nation) For who else on this earth can claim a Christian legacy? A foundation based upon a truly solid rock? Men who staked their lives fortunes and honor to purchase liberty?

I daresay there isnt another nation that was given the advantages this nation was given. We lead the way in science, technology and manufacturing more often than not. We have sent missionaries across the globe, financed great works both religious and secular. Pressed human rights worldwide. We have, and continue to, feed and clothe the world.

From the foundation of this country we chose to change the world through superiority of our ideas, not through our superior force. We spoke through our charity, and ingenuity, and a philosophy of personal responsibility. Knowing intrinsically that doing what we do best and attempting to provide for our individual needs we would provide for the whole in the most efficient manner.

Perhaps because of the lofty heights we have attained in the past, perhaps because we can do so much better than we do, I am saddened all the more at the current state of the Union.