Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Christians to the back of the bus

Larry, posting on Vox Popoli, referred to a column by Robert Novak

Mr. Novak writes "Before Congress left town Friday for its Fourth of July recess, Rep. Bill Thomas of California pulled off one of his patented legislative assassinations. Washington's most cunning parliamentarian, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Thomas eradicated the Freedom of Speech in Churches Act without openly opposing it."

This Act would have restored the ability of 501(c)3 churches to speak on politics. Left leaning 'churches' often speak on politics and no one says anything about it but if a conservative church speaks politics, watch out! The proper answer is to simply un-incorporate your church. But until the Church wakes up and starts doing that this act needs to go through.

Novak also write " Walter Jones (Rep, N.C.), not intimidated by Thomas, told me: "Discretionary enforcement, primarily against conservative churches, of an unenforceable law is wrong and should not stand." That is a battle cry for the coming Republican civil war.

Republicans arent the only game in town. Check out the Libertarian or Constitution Parties.