Saturday, December 01, 2007


Today my Lil' Bear got to see his first live music. Not once, but twice. The first was at a local mall where we happened upon a group of Air Force Academy cadets who were setting up for their performance. We were there well early of when they were to start so I showed Lil Bear the different instruments. Flutes, trombones, violins, cellos, drums, xylophones, a trumpet, a tuba, a french horn, and an oboe. He was fairly interested but I wasn't sure how he would do with the music (plus the long wait) Well as it turns out he adored it! He spent a good 30 minutes dancing and running in circles (mainly around me) and spinning and occasionally running too close to eh orchestra prompting daddy to make a quick dash to grab him.

The second time was at the Annual Parade of Lights, which showcases the marching bands of the various high schools and at least one middle school. There were floats and horses and a lot of lights. There was also a Snow Cat which my boy liked quite a bit. On the way back to the car we were talking about what we saw and when the drums came up he would say boom boom and then laugh. I was already planning on making music a standard thing around the house and was thinking of getting something along those lines this month. Now I know I am going to.

Today was a lot of fun. I wish every day could be.

I forgot to add that my boy got both a hug and a kiss from a little girl. Not even two and he is already mackin'!