Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Pay

Or lack there of.

I'm a contractor working for one company that goes thru another that works for the place I'm at. Make sense? Basically the hiring company uses a contracting agency to fill positions and that agency will also use other agencies to fill positions it can't fill. So there are two middlemen between me and my check.

My agency doesn't give holiday pay, but the main one does. With that in mind I have been trying to get on with this other agency for the past month, especially considering there is not one, but two holidays upcoming. Well, I found out today the conversion isn't going to happen till next month which I am sure is entirely due to the delay in management asking about the conversion.

Also today I found out that it isn't 2 paid holidays, but 4. And as I will be working each of those days I will be missing out on 60 72 hours worth of pay. It isn't like this benefit hasn't been accruing, it's just been getting absorbed by the two layers of middlemen.