Sunday, December 09, 2007


I am NOT crazy
I am NOT psycho
I AM responsible.

Three seemingly random shooting in the past week. One at a busy shopping mall in Omaha killing eight. Two in the past 24 hours here in Colorado killing two, injuring two at a YWAM base (Christian Missionary organization) and here at a church I used to attend and still have family and friends at. Injuries but no deaths as yet from the church attack.

I go to the mall on a regular basis when it is too cold to play outside so my boy has somewhere to run around. Sometimes I even go up to that church still. There are even less famous shootings at Walmart. Do I feel vulnerable? Do I feel afraid? HELL NO. I carry everywhere I go. I do it to protect my family, I do it to protect YOU.

Any scumbag who has already taken a life in a shooting like this has already made the decision to forfeit his right to life, and in the taking of an innocent life has finalized it. He will have made my decision for me. He will be shot. And while I am not going to say I am going to shoot to kill, if my shots end up killing him there would be no sorrow. I will take two center of mass shots and if that fails I will take a head shot.

Oh the bright spot to this story is that it appears that the gunman at the church was fatally shot, which means that someone at the church fired back. There is a possibility that it was an officer as New Life is a megachurch and has one there during the service. I will post more if I hear about it.