Friday, June 08, 2007

What Does It Take To Serve A Warrant?

It would seem that it requires roadblocks 1+ miles from the house, cutting power and phones, numerous helicopters, men in ghillie suits and 6 Armored Personnel Carriers. At least, this is what the Gov was using to "serve a warrant" on Ed & Elaine Brown.

I think it is obvious that their intentions were an assault, not serving a warrant. The only reason the siege didn't happen was because it was thwarted by an occupant walking a dog. His being shot at fully alerted the Brown household to what was coming.

In a press video, the U.S. Marshall stated that the dog walker had to be taken into custody "because he essentially discovered us there." The Marshall also stated all this equipment was part of the "surveillance operation"
Brown asserted he will not surrender his liberty and had choice words for his elite stalkers:

"For all intents and purposes there is no law and order anymore in this country. We don't have warrior class people, you are a bunch a cowards using omnipotent tactics like the KGB did, we are through talking with these people nationwide, not just me and wife. It's too late already, if anything happens to us we will be reciprocal, we will protect the sake of our community and our nation. we are obligated under the Constitution to protect this nation.

If they wish to take out lives and send us to the creator it will do far far more damage to them, that's why all the safeties are off all around the property and they can come in whenever they like."

The Browns have told Infowars that they are very much at peace, and do not fear what lies ahead. Elaine Brown delivered a final stark and moving message to all their supporters:

"I want everyone to remember us, and we'll see you on the other side"