Sunday, June 10, 2007

Heroic Police

Our valiant police officers. Always keeping us safe from deranged people. People who do bad things. People who endanger others. People who violate the Rights of others. People who make faces at dogs?

Yep. Our valiant public "servants" arrested a woman for making faces at a police dog and charged her with "cruelty to a police animal." That's right, Jayna Hutchinson was trying to give a statement and the officer refused to take it from her as she may have been drunk. After arguing with him and waiting, she made faces at the police dog.

In the face of such cruelty, the officer sprung into action and arrested this horrific person. Unfortunately, despite such heroic efforts by "law enforcement" the prosecutor dropped the case with only a week to go before trial. It seems the dog would not testify. Some might say that he couldn't but I think we all know it would simply have been too hard emotionally for him to do so. Sometimes it is just too hard to face the person that has abused you so cruelly.