Sunday, June 17, 2007


Annual Rafting Trip.

This time around it was Res Ispa, Waterboy, WaterboyJr and myself. We left Waterboy's about ten and headed for Buena Vista, crossing over the Rockies and driving through some absolutely gorgeous country. Highway 24 winds through the mountains to the north of Pike Peak, up over the Continental Divide past boulder fields with rocks twice the size of a house, up over beautiful Wilkerson Pass (stop if you have the time) and through a valley surrounded by mountains before heading down to Buena Vista.

Once there we suited up and hitched a ride on the bus up the river. That trip takes us along a historic rail bed along the river and through a handful of tunnels hewn from the rock before getting to our launch site. The day started off beuatiful with the promise of high temps. However, Res informed me that it always rains or snows on this trip. It did indeed rain a bit while on the river but the slight thunderstorm just added to the trip.

This trip we hit "The Numbers" which has 7 distinct sets of rapids and one bridge which we all had to duck under as the water was so high. Rapids on this stretch are class 4/5, except #3 which is class 3/4.

We had a total of 6 in the boat, the 4 of us, our guide and one fellow traveler. The water was running high and fast. Just over 2100 cubic feet per second, enough to fill an Olympic pool in about 3 seconds. Once on the river we did a little bit of practice which was good because I needed a reminder to pay attention to Res as he was the lead paddler.

But how does one describe a rafting trip? Pictures don't do it justice as the camera had to be put up safely before any rough water. Words? Incredible? Physically demanding? Refreshing? Make out session? (Oh wait, that was just me!(not really, but that is the way I want to remember it!)) I think "fun" sums it up nicely and I can't wait to do it again! Hopefully the annual rafting trip will continue to grow to include the rest of you sometime soon.

I totally spaced this, but I don't know how. Watergirl prepared us a HUGE dinner. It was like Thanksgiving! She made so much that it wouldn't all fit on the table. Very wonderful meal and much thanks to her for all her hard work.