Friday, June 29, 2007

Pajama's Media Poll

For those of you who aren't aware, Pajama's Media has been hosting a weekly poll on the various Presidential contenders. On the Republican side it is ruled by Ron Paul when he is included*, followed by Fred Thompson, who isn't even running, with Giuliani in a distant third.

Now every week that Dr. Paul is included they never fail to make note of the fact that he polls low in traditional polls, and they often complain of what they call "Ron Paul Spammers." Their premise is that if traditional polling, which only calls people with land lines (who has those anymore?) and are not on the Do Not Call list, rates Dr. Paul at 1-2% then any poll showing him higher is simply incorrect.

This week, something interesting has happened. Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Cross-Dresser himself, has currently 11 times the votes he received in the previous week. In fact, it is about 11 times higher than he has received in ANY of the recent PM polls. I wonder, if perhaps Pajamas Media will claim that they were hit by "Rudy Giuliani Spammers" or if they will just say that this is in line with traditional polling and is the way it should look. I will try to update my blog this on Monday when their analysis of the previous week's polling will be posted.