Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sixpence None The Richer

Normally the music I choose to listen to when needing comfort is either Sixpence None The Richer or Plumb. The beauty of Leigh Nash's voice and the artistry of Matt Slocum blended to make an absolutely incredible tapestry. Much more than simply their "Kiss Me" which did so well on the charts. I dont even think that is their best song. The members of that band have gone thru hell numerous times and it comes out in their music. Their desire for better (Anything), of doubts fears pain and despair(Disconnect, I Can't Explain, Circle Of Error), and a faith in G-d despite everything(Drifting, Within A Room Somewhere).

I'd say their best album was "This Beautiful Mess" but any of them are good. You also hear Leigh's voice grow from almost fragile to a much more dynamic quality thru the various albums.