Saturday, September 23, 2006


With the advent of freezing weather and a touch of snow I am reminded that I really need to get RainX back on my windshield. If you have never used the stuff I highly recommend that you go out and buy some today. It really does make rain slide right off of your windshield, snow too. But even better it makes getting snow and ice off your windows easier and when it is ten below and blowing you dont really want to be out there trying to get ice off. Or freezing fog! Freezing fog is the worst! I hate that stuff but it is a fairly common occurence in the early mornings on my way to work.

There are two ways of puting it on. The actual application of the stuff and the lazy mans way of doing it which is by getting the stuff you put in the washer fluid. The latter is only intended to keep up the application and it really only affect the area that the wipers go over but I say any RainX is better than no RainX and IIRC I still have some.