Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bus To Motorhome: Thoughts

Here is an example of a bus that would be about perfect for what I want to do. Opening price is 700 and currently no bids on it. As a simple way of figuring what size bus I am looking at I am wanting one with 8 to 10 windows on the driver side (not counting the driver window of course) 8 would be minimum as it would be just enough room for everything, 10 would be max as anything bigger wouldn't be able to go everywhere I would like to go and it would be more room than I am needing. My plans would make this able to sleep 6 when the table is converted to a bed. Coincidentally it would have seating for 6. Pretty nifty coincidence if you ask me.

I am going to have to rework the bedroom tho. With 30" bunks on one wall that would leave a whopping 45" for a double bed on the other. I dont think that is going to work. I could simply put bunks on both sides but I am thinking I am going to want someone to stay warm with eventually. No wait, I already want that. One day I hope to have someone to do that with. I can think of some options that would close off the back door but I would like to keep that open for toys and gear. The table will collapse into a double bed so there is always that. Another solution would be to simply go bigger and make the last section its own room. But then we are back at the issue of length. Round and round and round and round and no answers as of yet. It'll come. I have quite a bit of time to figure it out.