Friday, September 18, 2009

US Apportionment

WND is reporting on a lawsuit on behalf of Citizens of several States (website) regarding the discrepancy in representation in the House of Representatives. This is something that I have blogged on in the past, tho it was simply an idea in my head at the time. Perhaps they found my previous post?

Anyways, the suit brings up the fact that the 435 number was fixed in 1911 which was a good year for firearms, but not so much for representation. Since that year the population has increased continuously while the numbers of those represented by a single congressman increased tremendously. In 1910 the census gives us a ration of 212,020:1 Since then it has grown over three times that to nearly 650,000:1. But that isn't the main reason for this suit tho it is a reason.

The main reason is that some states are comparatively "over-represented." WND's article on the suit gives the following quote from the organizations website "In simple terms, it took 1.83 Montana voters to equal just 1 Wyoming voter, which is grossly unfair." They suggest that increasing the number of representatives to 1,761 would decrease that ratio to 1.11:1. This would also reduce the representation ratio to 159,809. Not quite as radical as my plan of 5,000 but I'd settle for this smaller number. It would still have the benefits listed in my previous post and be a sight deal better than what we have today.