Monday, September 21, 2009

Ten Strong Things

Found this and thought I'd share

Ten strong things have been created in the world.

The rock is hard, but the iron cleaves it.
Iron is hard, but the fire softens it.
Fire is strong, but the water quenches it.
Water is strong, but the clouds bear it.
Clouds are strong, but the wind disperses them.
Wind is strong, but the body bears it.
The body is strong, but fear crushes it.
Fear is strong, but wine banishes it.
Wine is strong, but sleep makes one sober.
And death is stronger than all of these.

Tsedeka, however, saves one from death."

--as it is written in Proverbs 10:2--
"Tsedeka (Charity, generosity or righteousness)
delivers from death.