Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Acorn: Symptom of Post-Christianity

I haven't been paying a huge amount of attention to the whole Acorn scandals. I already know it is corrupt, so whats new? But with the latest revelations by two brave souls going undercover to uncover their corruption can't be ignored. Quite frankly, its appalling!

For those not in the know, Acorn has been exposed has helping a pimp to setup prostitution and take the profits for use in an upcoming political campaign. WorldNetDaily has an article with video. The Acorn employee talks about murdering her ex-husband (San Bernardino is currently investigating this woman's claim of homicide) and talks about her past experience running an "escort" business. Worse (and considering the above includes murder that is really hard to do!) she is told that they plan to import underage girls to use as sex slaves and she isn't even fazed by it! She just goes on as if they said they prefer chocolate ice-cream over vanilla. No, nothing objectionable here, unless you are some right wing kook. She also states, in affect, that its only the right-wing that would object to running a brothel. But "Um, cuz if they were liberal they would be helping you" (Transcript here)

So what does this have to do with Post-Christianity? It has to do with something Vox has written about. Women in a Post-Christian society will face the choice of the brothel or the burqah. Of course its important to note that the women will not be given the option of which to choose. Essentially this boils down to women losing the protections and rights that Christianity has afforded them (tho I think its obvious that they don't appreciate it) and that void that it leaves. To paraphrase, society abhors a vacuum. Either a stronger culture will fill the void (e.g. Islam) or baser human instincts. Currently we are experiencing the latter but that is the weaker of the two and will eventually be replaced by a stronger society.

I think it is telling that the women in Acorn have no problem with selling 13 underage foreign girls into sexual slavery. Heck, they'll even help you hide the business and figure out how to get the best tax loops. Will women one day look back at feminism and curse it for destroying the faith that protected them? Or the better question is, just how soon will women have that opportunity to curse it?