Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Man loses eye

A Christian man who threatened to kill two women because they are atheists was injured trying to attack them and will lose an eye.

Russell Bowman showed up at the women's apartment with a large knife and was confronted by another resident with a shotgun. When Russell continued to advance, the butt-end of the shotgun struck his face and Bowman's eye will need to be removed.

And this is a shame! This man should be supported! DEATH TO THE INFIDELS!

Oh, well, on second thought I may have gotten some of the details confused... Lets see...
Christian: Check
Atheist: Check
Shotgun: Check
Eye: Check
Media Saturation: ...

In light of the lack of media coverage I have conducted further investigation in the Colorado Springs Gazette and it appears that Russell Bowman calls himself an atheist and it was the women who were Christians and that Russell was threatening to kill them because they were Christians. Well, that explains the lack of media coverage.

Move along! Nothing to see here! Move along!