Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lickable Galore: The Challenge

So here is the deal guys (and gals) I am issuing a challenge to all my readers.

Starting this Sept 23rd, LG: The Challenge begins.

What is LG? Its a small challenge to do two simple things each day, push-ups and squats. The Challenge is to do one of each per day, per day of the challenge. That means one pushup and one squat on day 1, and doing two of each on day 2, etc etc. The date was chosen to get us all to 100 of each by the end of the year.

The rules are simple:
  • Increase the number of PUs and squats by one each day of the challenge
  • Break them up in whatever grouping you are comfortable with. For example, on day 30 you could break it up into sets, perhaps doing 3 sets of 10, or 2 sets of 15 (or 30 sets of 1 if that works for you!)
  • Perform the PUs and squats however you need to to get to the goal. Its about improvement, not doing them "right." If that means you do some or all of the PUs on your knees, so what?! Need a chair for an assist on the squats? Great! Just get them done. Again, improvement and habits are the goal here, not stressing out over what other people think.

    The benefits? Improved health, greater usable strength, and other benefits as only WW (who was the inspiration for the name) can describe! Also, you can think of it as a pro-active diet for the holidays. We all know we are gonna eat too much, we might as well start dealing with it now! And if you have kids have them join us to (Birdie&Eagle, Heidi)

    Hat tip to WW for inspiration of the name.