Friday, September 26, 2008

The Final Solution


I have THE answer to our problems!

I call it the Final Solution.

It goes like this...

Round up all 546 of our (DC) ruling class.

Take all the ones that are pro-abortion and administer an abortion upon them. We can then make a profit for the people by selling their bodies parts just like the "products" of abortion are sold today.

Take all the ones that are pro-war and take them up in a B-52 and drop them like bombs over Iran's nuclear facilities.

Take those who put the environment above people and end their life so that they can finally stop polluting Mother Earth. Then plow their lands and homes and turn them into national parks. Bonus points if we can use their bodies to fertilize these new parks.

Take those that are for militarized police force and place an anonymous call to their local SWAT team.

Take all those who would steal, at gunpoint, from one to give to another (for people or corporations) and go ahead and take, at gun point, all that they have and distribute that wealth.

Take all the ones that are for debt and endless inflation, confiscate their wealth and distribute it amongst the people and then throw them in the vats so that we can use their corpulent bodies to print more money.

If there are any left that have not been caught in the above sweeps, they are fit to rule and should be placed at the highest level of government that is not already filled.

A bit extreme? Perhaps. But a lot cheaper than a bailout package that will start out at 700 Billion ($700,000,000,000) and will likely end up costing WELL over 1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000)