Sunday, March 09, 2008

Abortion Post

My previous post was a satire of the whole abortion issue. But I was trying to bring up the absurdity of the arguments made by the pro-choice crowd. The main argument, of course, is that it is a woman's "right" to do with her body as she pleases. This same argument never applies to other things a woman might decide to do with her body, such as prostitution or drugs, no matter how logical the connection is.

A post of at Triton's (IIRC) got me to think on this. The scenario given there is that if a man came aboard your boat after being stranded at sea, you would have an obligation to see him to some point of safety. It need not be where the refugee preferred, you need not go out of your way to drop him off, but you have a moral and legal obligation to take him to safety. Doing otherwise would be, rightly, considered murder.

But I think there is a better analogy and it is as stated in the previous post. My example below is to drag a person against his will (kidnap) to a place where he can be legally killed. Taken against his will and his life terminated against his will. This is precisely what is happening with an abortion.

In the act of sex two intelligent adults are making a conscious decision to participate in an act that is expressly designed to create a child. This is done with knowledge, willfully and intentionally. When that child is then created it is the woman who makes a knowing, willful and intentional decision to end that life. That child, of course, cannot be asked if he approves of such a decision. The question now must be asked, what is the logical decision a child would make? Is it likely that the child would choose death? Is there any other creature that chooses death over life? Yes. They are insects who give their life to mate. I suppose one assumes they know this will happen. Maybe not. They are insects after all. But no mammal chooses death. And humans are mammals so we must assume that the child would also have a natural bias towards saving his life. In fact, there is a video floating around on the net that shows an ultrasound of an abortion of a very young fetus and that child moves away from the abortionists tools. This is evidence that indeed a child does have the bias towards life shared by all mammals.

Therefore, seeing as there was an intentional decision* to bring about a child, the act of abortion is, in fact, murder.

* Of course people will say they didn't "mean" to get pregnant. But there is a very simple solution to the whole accidental pregnancy issue. Don't have sex. It really is that simple.