Monday, March 10, 2008

The Divorce Pill

The Elusive Wapiti's post on "The Divorce Pill" got me to thinking.

If it is true that a woman on the pill will be attracted to someone she isn't compatible with (too similar) because she is on the pill, then when she goes off the pill she is no longer attracted to that person, then it would seem to me that a woman who was attracted to a man but later goes on the pill would find herself in the same state. Or, to appropriate a quote from the article "On a subconscious level, her brain is realizing a mistake was made—she married the wrong guy," he says.

Its funny, in a twisted way. The woman who goes on birth control in order to have more sex with her significant other may well find herself less attracted to him, perhaps even turned off. All due to a wonderful little pill that is now in our water supply.