Thursday, October 04, 2007

All too true

I came across this personal ad, and while I realize it is a parody it has so much truth in it.
Woman seeks man stud, provider, and stuff - 33

I am fat, desperate and generally a man hater; I take pride in looking like crap. You guys don't stereotype me! I don't want a man who is skinny, fat or anything; just a man like I see on TV.

You will treat me like an angel, even though I am not and am to fat to fly even if I was. I can have high expectations for you, but will not tolerate bad comments about me.

I watch Oprah, have two kids and go to college. I am in no way taking classes which will provide myself a future, and rely on my baby Daddys' to provide their child support for my party ways.

I am 33 now, sleeped with hundreds of men in my twenties. Now I am looking for someone I can call soul mate.

I know my expectations are high, I am fat and fill my tummy with twinkies; I am still better than any man I ever met.

Hopefully you will respond, so I can play head games with you and not respond back. Remember, I am woman.....hear me (cough{on left over bacon}) ROAR!!!
This is the essence of SO many personals that I have seen that it is funny until you realize that it is more truth than not.