Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lil' Bear

I felt the need to post on my Lil Bear to keep you all updated on the cutest little one ever!

We have been learning animals and he has quite a few of them down, from his favorite of zebras and giraffes (which he still sometimes calls zebra) to deer elk and fox (that last comes out more like a 4 letter word) to all your standard farm animals as well as pets and many birds.

More recently we have started on what sounds they make. The little meow that he makes is just adorable. Last night I found out he had learned another sound, tho I know not from whom he learned it. We were going over a poster that has colors and has a blue bird. I asked him what color the bird was and he said "tweet tweet" in the cutest little voice imaginable. He is learning at a tremendous pace and often makes sure I stop at the alphabet poster to go over that or picks up a book where we can go over shapes or animals or various words like for clothing.

Today while talking with a friend I was swinging him and he counted out the number to 3 which is of course when I swing him up into my arms. I had NO idea he was learning that as we really hadn't gone over numbers all that much. Also this past week I learned some of what he dreams about. While out running errands he fell asleep in the car seat and when I woke him up he immediately started looking around for "trac-turs"

Lil' Bear loves everything that moves! Airplanes (airpees), trucks, buses, tractors, bikes and especially motorcycles (CYcle.) I was only ever able to show him one train up close but I think he enjoyed that one quite a bit as well.

He is growing up fast but well. He is well behaved and just the cutest child ever. I could just eat him up (o=