Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rudy Giuliani - Urban Legend

The following video was produced by the International Association of Fire Fighters. In it the IAFF exposes "America's Mayor" for the fraud that he is. Rudy has absolutely nothing if not 9/11 and if that is stripped away from him he, like McCain, will fall.

A short synopsis. In 1993 it was learned in the first Trade Center Tower attack that the FDNY radios did not work. In March of 2001 the FDNY finally got new radios. These radios were from a no-bid contract and were found defective in the very first week and pulled from service. No new radios were obtained.

After the Towers fell the Fire Fighters were removing the rubble and bodies as they came across them. There was gold stored in the Towers, some $200 million worth. Once that gold was removed Rudy pulled the Fire Fighters and ordered in the heavy equipment to remove the debris and bodies and send them to the dump. The Fire Fighters marched in protest of this move by Giuliani, so Giuliani did what any good mayor would do. Giuliani had them arrested.

A public outcry was required to release them and get the Fire Dept. back on the job.

This is "America's Mayor." It is hard to imagine a less competent person in the Oval Office, but Giuliani is attempting just that. Check out for more info.