Monday, July 02, 2007

Pajamas Media, Part 2

Last week I wrote of the Pajamas Media poll and how they discount Ron Paul in favor of, well, anyone else. This week, quite unsurprisingly, was no different.
In the twenty-third week, Rudy Giuliani regained the lead on the Republican side, Richardson continued in first place for the Democrats.
When I checked Sunday night, Giuliani had over 1800 votes and was ahead of Ron Paul and Fred Thompson. So at first glance, their teeny blurb looks correct, but then Pajamas follows up with this
Pajamas Media found more evidence of spam voting by supporters of several candidates. Those votes have been discounted.
Who of the top three candidates was receiving spam voting? Apparently it was Giuliani as his vote total was reduced some 1500, down to an official 333. Fred Thompson, the uncandidate, polled over 2.5 times greater at 869, and Ron Paul who is the clear internet favorite polled at 1765.

Pajamas Media had a chance for some journalistic integrity and to gain some credibility on this issue. They could have noted how Ron Paul recently pulled in a larger crowd than the Iowan's for Tax Reform Republican forum (1000 vs 600) and said, perhaps Dr. Paul's support in phone polls is being understated, which is why we consistently show higher numbers for him. They could have gone that far, or they simply could have said, after adjusting for multiple votes Giuliani polled 3rd which is where he has been on our poll for quite some time. Instead they awarded Giuliani a bronze medal and declared it to be gold, despite the fact that everyone can see that it isn't.

Later on Monday Pajama's changed the first paragraph to read
In the twenty-third week, Ron Paul expanded his lead among the Republicans, and Richardson continued in first place for the Democrats.
Better late than never I guess.