Sunday, July 22, 2007

Eight Things About Me

Sorry Birdie. Things have been crazy, both at work and at the Bachelor Pad!

First Thing: Pine cones are my sworn enemy!

Second Thing: I often get heartburn when I stay up all night. YaY for working the night shift!

Third Thing: I've carried one weapon or another every day for the past twenty years.

Fourth Thing: I LOVE to ride bikes! My best one day ride (that I kept track of) was 54 miles but I would say the hardest was about 45 miles as it included about 8 miles of going up a mountain pass. That ride did include going back down those same 8 miles but it was rather disappointing as I had hoped it would be faster.

Fifth Thing: I am a coke addict! I drink way way too much of it.

Sixth Thing: I am also a Ron Paul Junkie.

Seventh Thing: [This one left blank due to the 5th Amendment]

Eighth Thing: I want to get a pilots license. Flying is just awesome!