Wednesday, April 12, 2006


With gas prices on the rise again alternative fuels are on the minds of the people, when they arent thinking of immigration that is. One of those alternates is Ethanol. It is already placed in our gas in an attempt to reduce air pollution (someone please explain to me how using 10% more gas equals less pollution?!)

I stumbled across a site called, a liberal-leaning site (always watch the bias) that gives a great analasys of the stupidity of trying to use ethanol for a fuel substitute or even additive.

Per the site, Ethanol would cost us 7.87 a gallon (at the time of creation premium was 2.54) and that is using the most favorable numbers, those given by its proponents. To top it off, to provide the fuel consumed in 2004 would require that every single inch of ground in America, including Alaska) be used to grow corn. And then 50% more land.