Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obama to push saturday school

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told hundreds of Denver schoolchildren Tuesday that American school reform must include longer class days.

Duncan says reform proposals coming from the Obama administration will include longer school years, plus Saturday school and longer days.

Why not? Its worked so well giving them up to educrats, why not just give them up for even longer periods of time.

Of course the real reasons this administration will push this is to remove the parental influence over the children. As it is the influence is slight compared to the concentrated hours that school has to indoctrinate and then send the child home with hours of homework to keep them too busy to receive moral instruction from the family.

And more troubling is that when I mentioned that here at work, no one has the slightest problem with it. Seems that the demoralization exKGB agent Yuri Bezmenov warned us of in 1985 is complete, or nearly enough.