Thursday, April 02, 2009

Obama: The Obamanable Foreign Relations

Obama was supposed to make us respected among the nations again. Hailed as the PR Savior (in addition to all-round Savior) the one who would restore relations with nations and peoples across the globe. His supporters were quite adamant about that. So lets see how the Administration has done.

The first item comes from appointee Hillary Clinton. Clinton attempted to "reset" the relations between the US and Russia by handing their government a red button with the word "Reset" on it. The problem is that the button didn't say reset, it said "Overload"

Hillary followed this up with a trip to China to beg them to continue buying our debt. It was successful, but only because the Chinese know that if we fall, economically, so do they.

Obama himself has snubbed the U.K. PM because he just had more important things to do than to tend to our closest ally.

Obama then refers to our ally "England" rather than the proper United Kingdom.

Next comes a huge social gaffe from Michelle Obama. While visiting the UK she placed her arm around the Queen of England. A large enough gaffe to brand a prior Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating, as the "Lizard of Oz"

Next comes the most recent event, where Obama gives a full waist bow to the king of Saudi Arabia.

Vox was right, this will be one seriously entertaining administration as one Hope after another Changes to despair.