Monday, August 25, 2008

Camping Trip #1

I took Lil Bear on an overnight camping trip friday night up at Mueller State Park. Mueller was a very large estate on the western flank of Pikes Peak that is full of gorgeous views, aspens and plenty of wildlife. You can find pics of our last hiking trip to Mueller here.

It was a last minute decision to go so I wouldn't say that I packed real well. Rather, I think I overpacked. Made it up there a little after 6pm on friday night and grabbed the very last camping spot. Got settled in and took off for some hiking. As it was getting dark we didn't head out too far or even take any trail smaller than an access road. But we did scare three deer (at least one buck) that scared us almost as much as we scared them. We hadn't seen them until they started running less than 30 yards from us and crashed thru the trees. After returning we laid out a blanket and snuggled up to look at the stars. We couldn't see a whole lot as there were clouds coming in and lightning brightening the sky. Turns out that the storm we were watching spawned a tornado at another popular campsite, Eleven Mile.

The morning brought clear skies and a happy boy. I attempted breakfast but burned it bad enough even I wouldn't eat it. So we snacked and headed out hiking again. This time we headed out on a single track and were treated to the site of a small turkey "family" of a mother and three half-grown chicks. We then scared a chipmunk that was racing back and forth across the trail gathering pine cones. We watched him for a while going back and forth, each time pausing briefly at the trail before dashing across. We finished up the trip with some time at the playground before heading back home.

All in all a wonderful trip and one that will hopefully be repeated soon.