Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When I become President

The post of at Astro's got me to thinking some of what I would do if I were President. Now of course, the Prez doesn't really have as much power as some think, altho certainly a lot more than the Constitution has granted the position, so I am going to try to limit this post and perhaps leave the other stuff for a post about when I become dictator.

Now the biggest, and rather undervalued, power of the President is the bully pulpit. The office lends great weight to what he says and his words are broadcast to every state, giving him the opportunity to be heard over the various members of the House and Senate. This would be my tool to push my agenda.

Monetary Policy:
My biggest legacy I would want to be that I had driven the bank out of this country. By bank I mean the Federal Reserve. Andrew Jackson is a huge inspiration in this, for he said to a group of international bankers "You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, I will rout you out." He was successful. So successful and proud of this accomplishment that he had "I killed the bank" written on his tombstone.

I would push for this goal in several ways, but largely thru two fronts. The first would be to legalize alternate currencies (such as Norfed's Liberty Dollar) the second would be to bully Congress in to auditing the Federal Reserve. Once those were accomplished I would push for abolition of the Bank. The legalization of alternate currencies would immediately place both citizens and business on a level playing field with just weights, something lacking today in our fiat dollar.

Foreign Policy:
As Commander in Chief this is one area that can immediately be affected by the President. I would put the Military to work on a plan to sharply reduce overseas deployments. Currently we have 700 bases in 130 different countries. I would reduce this number to 10-15 bases. Those bases would be kept in countries that have been long term allies/friendlies, are strategically placed around the globe for ease of rapid deployment and support, tactically defendable, and preferably combined with Naval bases (if we actually have any overseas? IDK) The staffing and equipment at these bases would be increased by a significant amount, 200+%, in order to provide the essentials necessary should the base ever need to be used.

We would return to the policy of Walk softly and carry a big stick. We would also start talking with our enemies again. It keeps channels open as well as other options other than "stick." And dialog between countries can lead to the two countries actually becoming allies (GASP, SHOCK! HORROR!) If we don't talk to them we cannot expect to resolve anything except by brute force. This doesn't work in personal or business life nor does such a policy work when used by nations. And besides, if talks fail to produce a result there is still always the stick. Our current administration is oblivious to that fact.

Going along with the above, there are some changes that would happen. The troops that are no longer needed overseas would be returned Stateside. The money saved, as well as money made from the sale of overseas property would be used for two things. First off, is full training. That means everything needed for training would be available to the troops. This includes bullets. There should never be reports of a lack of bullets for our troops to train with. The second thing that money would be put towards is funding the promises made to the military. This means PROPER medical and dental care. No longer would vets have to deal with substandard care in less than adequate facilities. That situation rather appalls me, altho it unfortunately doesn't really surprise me. The gov has been an "indian giver" on far too many of its promises. (More on that in a moment)

The drop in military consumption of oil from the above two changes would be at minimum 40 million barrels of oil. At current prices that is another $5+ billion/yr saved. No small chunk of change and would help fund the above.

Appoint judges that believe in the Constitution and will uphold it. Appoint an Attorney General that will ruthlessly prosecute corruption inside all branches of the FedGov. The FedGov must get its house in order before it can effectively go after corporations etc.

Enforce them, period. All of them. While what to do with illegals once here really isn't the purview of the President, the security of the borders is. The extra military could be used for this purpose. Walls in some places i.e. cities, monitoring devices in other areas, and greatly stepped up patrols. This would also likely necessitate an increase in staffing levels of the Coast Guard, which also falls under the President IIRC.

A little of everything. Work with OPEC, strongly encourage conservation, push for drilling stateside and also push/encourage local/individual production via small solar or wind generation even if it is only at the individual level.

Domestic Policy:
I would sign an Executive Order declaring personhood from conception and then watch the baby-killerspro-choice groups scramble to try and deal with the ramifications from that.

Strongly encourage people to read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. In fact, I might even sign another Executive Order that the Bill of Rights be included with EVERY piece of mail the FedGov sends out, and every piece that any agency purporting to act on behalf of the FedGov sends out. Hold music would be replaced with recitations of key portions of these documents, particularly the Preambles.

Bully the Congress into repealing the unlawful, illegally enforced income tax. Stop the IRS from even operating (where it pertains to unlawful individual taxation) as they are under the executive branch. Sign an Executive Order repealing the vast majority of other Executive Orders, while signing another that requires Congress to include the portion of the Constitution that authorizes each and every bill they place before me.

And here is something almost never mentioned. The Indians. We took a philips head to these people and the treaties we made need to be respected. Treaties should perhaps even be remade with them, enabling them to govern themselves and support themselves while encouraging their people to not be dependent upon the US Gov.

Hmm, this was rather longer than I thought, and didn't cover enough subject. However, I think it covers perhaps the biggest of them. I don't think that such an administration would give Liberty/Constitution loving people much to complain about. So that just leaves the other 95% of the voting populace to bitch and moan.