Sunday, February 03, 2008

Government Intelligence

The largest vehicle in the world is the one that moves the space shuttle. This thing is a massive 3,300 tons and has a maximum speed of 2 MPH. In the interests of safety the driver is required to wear a seat belt.

In Colorado Springs the police had a three hour standoff with a sleeping man after hearing an "unloaded gun being fired"
Officers went to the Summer Grove Apartments, about 4 a.m., on a report of gunfire. During a search in the building, an officer heard what sounded like an unloaded pistol being fired in apartment No. X.
So jut what does an "unloaded pistol" sound like when it is being fired? Mine sounds like "click click" In fact, every gun I have ever owned sounded an awful lot like "click click" when being fired when unloaded. I for one am grateful that CSPD has taken extra steps to protect us from dry firing by hiring officers with them big everlasting ears.