Friday, January 11, 2008


Some updates to the blogroll...
I added MikeT and WonderWoman, both of whom I have been reading for a while but was too lazy to link to. I also updated the links to Birdie and Heidi as they have migrated off of blogger.

I added two new blogs. Bethyada who often writes on biblical topics writes to such a level that I am often in way over my head anymore. I hope that with a return to working days that will stop... Also added the Elusive Wapiti. Good stuff over there as well, Triton I think you will like that blog if you haven't already checked it out.

In other news, Doctors suck! By and large they are a waste of time and money. It took almost a decade to get diagnosed as hypothyroid and add another ten on top of that to figure out that I have a wheat allergy (kinda hard to figure that one out perhaps as it is in darn near everything) but that was figured out with no help from the medical community after my older brother was finally diagnosed with Celiac's, which is perhaps a more advanced form of wheat allergy.

I printed up a 16x20 of one of my photos and I am happy to say that it printed perfectly with no flaws and none of my edits showing. The edits I made we to remove numerous birds from the background that showed up more as specks than anything else, as well as to remove a stick from the water that detracted from the reflection of the hot air balloons. Now I need to find a pic that I am willing to get blown up even larger, possibly in the 30x40 range, but it is going to cost about $50 to do so so I am reluctant to do it. And having printed in glossy I am wondering how the "matte" option would look. Maybe I will print up an 8x10 (cost $5) to see the difference.