Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You know it is bad when you don't even bother to check your own blog. I havent had much time to keep up on this lately. Nothing new there tho.

Lets see... Two Sundays ago Lil Bear put on my shoes and start walking around the house. He kept repeating "Wearing daddies shoes, Ha Ha, wearing Daddies shoes, Ha Ha" with the occasional "Harder to walk, harder to walk" thrown in. Very very cute. He is talking, making sentences, singing to quite a few songs, even ones that he hears for the very first time. He got VERY excited about Rich Mullin's One Thing which he loudly sung along to despite the fact we haven't listened to it for quite some time. In fact it was perhaps a month before he even cared about the music. We also have quite the band going on with a kazoo, bongos, a drum, maracas and a harmonica he recently learned how to play.

He'll be two in less than two weeks. My lil boy is growing up! (sniff) He talks about dinosaurs and sharks and how they try to bite your fingers and feet. and when we go to the store he will hop up on the cart to escape from the sharks. But when he isn't dodging sharks he wants to push or pull the cart and I had better not interfere. in fact I had best just step aside. Either that or he wont have anything to do with the cart at all

Some of you people are making me feel inadequate with my posts. Triton and Wes both just put out books. Wes actually put out a trilogy while Triton just put up a single tome. But it doesn't matter. You know why? Darnit, I don't either and I was hoping you might.

Ben Bernanke and all the rest of the Fed are thieving bastards. The deserve to be beaten, tar'ed and feathered. And then strung up by their toes and waterboarded. And when that is done thrown overboard into shark infested waters, and shot just to make sure there is some blood in the water. They have stolen so much from the middle class that if a number could be put on it there would be riots. But before that number is known there is other bad financial news. Seems yesterday is being called "Black Monday" and the US markets were spared only due to the fact that they were closed.

okay, thats it. No more. Come back later. Theres nothing to see here now.