Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A letter to Pajamas Media Editors

I have been following your weekly poll since early February keep tabs on all of the ups and downs and all of the various excuses and attempts to keep certain individuals off of your poll. You blamed the declining numbers upon "many readers have been complaining to us about the increasing inutility(sic) of the poll because of vote-swarming by second tier candidates." This despite the obvious quickly dropping interest of the "front runners." (If you doubt this, view your data from February and March. It shows a steady decline which had nothing to do with "Ron Paul Spammers."

So you decided to go to only the top 5 Republican candidates and kept there for quite some time. However, now that you are essentially forced by the traditional polls to include Dr. Paul you suddenly expand it to 6 to make sure that none of your darling mainstream (read that liberal) candidates are taken off of your poll. Why not, instead, report what your readers have been clamoring for, and that is an actual choice. There is no doubt that your IT group can determine that these votes for Paul (currently at over 400) are coming from unique IP Addresses, that they aren't simply "spammers" and that means that there is a large demand and grassroots support for Dr. Paul and his policy of Constitutionalsim.(sic)

You have been wrong on this in the past, please do not continue to be wrong for the sake of saving face. Your readers, like it or not, support Paul, support limited government, and most importantly support the Constitution.


Erik X

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