Wednesday, November 28, 2007

But MY KID'S School Is A Good School!

Yeah, keep telling yourself that! No matter what facts come up, your school is a good one, and this was only an isolated incident.

Here is an article about a 9 y/o boy being entrapped to say "brown people" and then being suspended for it after having to apologize to his entire class. This conversation was actually recorded! Its on tape. But what are the comments?
ALTS is a great school. My children love going there

The quality of Abraham Lincoln Traditional School is outstanding. I've got three children who attend there, and I really hope that [offending principal] stays.

I wish the author of the article would dive into more information as to how that recording was obtained. Chances are it was not lawful, and therefore it would be highly unethical for anyone to write an article based on such a recording

The principal is an outstanding leader and will be missed, it is unfortunate that her last few weeks are tarnished by a parent that can't take responsibility for her child's actions.
Morons! If the above didnt prove it, perhaps this next section from the article will show them the arrogance of unaccountable government employees
Neve (the boy's mom) said school officials didn’t advise her of the incident until several days after they questioned her son. When Neve objected to the suspension during the conference, Voinovich told her that she didn't have any rights; that parents give up their rights to discipline when they send a child to school, the tape shows.

The incident? The "brown" boys mom questioning the presumably white child (oops, is that a hate crime too?), without his parents or his parent's knowledge. The questioning parent also just so happens to work at the school.